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Tomayko Group Holdings, Inc. is an investment and consulting company specializing in healthcare with a concentration in preventative health and wellness services.

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Tomayko Group Holdings, Inc. was founded by John (Jack) Tomayko, Ph.D. with the plan to invest in healthcare companies that emphasize quality care, cost-effectiveness, and superior service. Special consideration is given to organizations that focus on preventative healthcare and improving employee well-being.

Jack has over 35 years of experience as an entrepreneur and CEO in the healthcare field operating businesses that provide diagnostic imaging, radiopharmaceuticals, equipment services, and wellness programming. During his tenure, the companies have received 18 awards representing Fastest Growth, Best Places to Work and Healthiest Employer. In 2012, he was awarded the Ernst and Young Regional Entrepreneur of the Year in the Healthcare Division.

Jack has also made numerous acquisitions in growing his successful companies. His most recent endeavor was the sale of TTG Imaging Solutions to private equity firm, Sentinel Capital Partners. He plans on capitalizing on his success from an acquisition and investment standpoint and build a portfolio of exceptional healthcare businesses that have a positive impact on patient/employee health and cost reductions for businesses and corporations.

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Tomayko Group Holdings (TGH) is focused on companies that are innovative, client-oriented and patient/employee centric with exceptional service delivery. TGH will take controlling and minority positions contingent on each company’s situation. Tomayko Group Holdings current portfolio includes:

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